Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)


Sansevieria trifasciata aka Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law Tongue is one of the best house plants that can clean indoor air but also have a secret ability that most people don’t know which is to produce Oxygen O2 during night time and this is the reason some people also call it Bedroom Plant.

I have three pots of Snake Plant in my home, bedroom, kitchen and my home library.

Snake Plant is capable of removing a big variety of VOCs such as BenzeneFormaldehydeTrichloroethyleneXylene and Toluene (lacks ammonia). It is also effective at removing nitrogen oxide.

It is a good plant for the lazy owners. It can be exposed in full sun light but also does well in dim light. It does not need to be watered very often since it is part of the succulent family (It can rot from over-watering). Ideal temperatures are between 5 – 30 °C (40 – 80 °F). Remember to rotate it every month for uniform light exposure.

Keep it away from pets and babies as it is rated as toxic if ingested.


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