Pathogens & Air Pollutants

We talk a lot about the common pollutants PM2.5 and PM10, but we have never had the chance to compare them between other pathogens and an abundant red unit which flows in our bodies and it is called red blood cell.

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The Next Air Quality Monitor

There are hundreds of Air Quality monitors out there but still there isn’t a single one designed and built to meet people’s needs and capture the market’s attention, each time they miss something. Companies are missing key functions for a good Air Quality monitor, hardware-wise and software-wise.

After years of experience and countless conversations with users and professionals via email/twitter/skype I know what is missing from the market.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business developer or a company that is planning to develop one more air quality monitor, remember to contact me first because I am going to bring substantial information to your company for the Next Air Quality Monitor.