A Sincere Farewell – I’m Moving on from Consultancy

Well, although this is not my last article here on See the Air, this is my goodbye to consultancy and open collaboration with other experts and companies in the field of air quality.

Even though I didn’t want to write an article about emotions because this is a blog about tech and air quality, the fact that I will have to move abroad again is emotional because I will no longer work from my Spanish office, but my new US office. I can’t wait to experience new opportunities and meet and work with new people. Lots of excitement and a big smile on my face.

I’ve always tried to answer big questions about the importance of excellent air quality and how technology can help us see, quantify, and understand air pollutants in an effort to mitigate them and ensure quality of life.

In this post, I will answer the most-asked question that I’ve ever gotten: What is air quality?
Actually, I think I have a pretty good answer for that. Air quality is a scale of colors and numbers we have invented to try to understand if the air we breathe is good or bad. In most places around the world, an Air Quality Index (AQI) is used to determine the ambient air quality. Each AQI has different thresholds for each pollutant. 

Personally, I disagree with most of the AQI out there and I have developed my own standards because my health is very important and it cannot be a subject of generalizations and the agendas of each environmental agency.

Over the years, I have taken part in various projects, in some of which I was responsible for the development of air quality monitors. Unfortunately, we often had to use over-the-counter sensors with limited accuracy and repeatability. Those low-cost sensors have offered tremendous insight into the consumer’s air quality, but it is time to bring even better and more precise measurements to the public.

For these reasons and as you can see from the image above, I am now joining Particles Plus, Inc., a company in Boston, USA specializing in the development of highly accurate particle counters.

Particles Plus offers a line of advanced-technology particle counters, air quality monitors, and environmental OEM sensors. As the most vertically integrated particle counter manufacturer and technology licensing company in the industry, Particles Plus engineers and manufactures its own counter, display, battery, vacuum pump, and sensor technology from the ground up. Added intelligence in each module results in products with superior performance, extended features, accuracy, quality, reliability, and value.

Well, everybody, thanks for reading this post. Stay tuned for lots of exciting news in the space of air quality monitoring.


10 thoughts on “A Sincere Farewell – I’m Moving on from Consultancy

  1. Good morning.

    As you continue to make plans for your transition, I want to thank you for all of the research and communications that you have shared with us.

    I am very grateful to you for your “See the Air.”

    All the best in your relocation to the Boston area.

    If you get to Philadelphia, PA, I would be delighted to connect and offer you a fine meal and hopefully engaging conversation as a way of reciprocating for all you have given us.

    Bon Voyage, Craig mobile 215.219.3381

    Craig Johnson, Founder and CEO Interpret Green 1100 Livezey Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19119


    • https://particlesplus.com/

      interesting. really competitive field. you will do well. if you are in bay area we are near SFO – stop our house in san mateo by for a meal or crash at out place!

      i am still working on some AQM for a school district.
      dave & nicola
      415 971 5760


      • Thank you Dave for the invite and thank you for the good words, they mean a lot. I would most likely be in Pasadena in November so I will let you know if I will pass from SF.



    • Thank you Graig,

      Your support and comments have help me a lot. I will travel a lot so once I am in Philadelphia (I had the best cheesecake there) I will definitely reach you to arrange a lunch.

      Kind regards,


  2. Dear Sotirios, many thanks for all our good chats about AQ last years and I wish you all the best in the US. I’m sure Particle Plus can be very happy with you on board! I wish you lots of success with your new job!

    Liked by 1 person

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