What should schools do to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in classrooms

Masks provided decent protection against the SARS-CoV-2 but if a carrier of the virus (40% of them are asymptotic) stays inside a home/business for a long time then the chances of transmitting the virus are higher because some particles may escape.

According to experts the best way to prevent the spread of the virus is to keep introducing fresh air inside a room.

Unfortunately, most rooms don’t meet the recommendation of 8 air changes an hour for a 10 square meter (107 square foot) room occupied by 4 people. A clear example is a classroom that doesn’t meet the recommended ventilation rates. This is a common mistake across all schools in the world.

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My Air Experiments


I know that I have promised you all that I will conduct some experiments but so far I haven’t received my devices. (Sad face!)

Both of them are delayed, even big companies like Apple sometimes have issues during productions so for example Awair told me that the devices are in final process of manufacturing and they will begin shipping in a month. TZOA from the other hand is a lot closer to their initial timeline to deliver their device.

As always stay tuned.

Awair indoor Air Monitor

UnknownAwair monitors indoor air, gives solutions when air quality turns unhealthy and communicates with other smart home devices so you can stay healthy.
Apart from the beautiful design, Awair’s sensors monitor the six most important factors of indoor air quality & well-being.

  1. Temperature:  -40 to +125°C / -40 to +257°F
  2. Humidity: 0 to 95%
  3. CO2: 0 to 4000 ppm
  4. VOCs: Air Hydrogen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, Ethanol, Toluene to name a few, ranging b/w 0.1~30 ppm
  5. Dust: Particles PM2.5 from 0 to 500 μg/m3. (On their site they mention, dusts and particles under 2.5mmg)
  6. Ambient light

Awair is one of the tools I will use to monitor my indoor air quality (TZOA is the other one). It has awesome design and I love the walnut timber, high quality of course and is painted without harmful VOCs. It will constantly show me the AQI inside my bedroom which is the most important room in my home. During day we are more aware about air quality but during night we aren’t, so I will be able to see if my bedroom offers me more than a bed and a regular night sleep. During sleep our bodies rebuild and our minds refresh, so do we offer them the best conditions?

During day and night time I will conduct experiments with it. Measuring CO2 with and without plants, VOCs with different cleaning products plus furnitures and dust particles from mattresses and bed clothing. All of these experiments will be published here on #SeetheAir.

Temperature and humidity sensors are very import inside a room for many reasons as well. First by knowing the temperature inside a room you can have optimum sleep during night time, in general is recommended slightly cool temp 65ºF/18.5ºC. Second low humidity may cause respiratory problems, itchy eyes and skin. On the other hand, high humidity will result in molds that serve as breeding ground for bacteria. Also dust mites love high humidity. The optimum humidity level is 35-45%.

I live on the coast and humidity levels are so high here so I had to invest on a dehumidifier but I did a smart purchase because I bought an A/C with dehumidifier, this way I control temperature and humidity. Awair is capable of communicating with smart home appliances and turn them on/off via IFTTT. In case your home appliances aren’t smart enough you can boost them with TADO The Smart A/C Control.

Finally the app is elegant and simple for the everyday use but with valuable infos.