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Nicholas – The Science Book

I am proud to announce “Nicholas – The Science Book” which is my second attempt to educate the youth and raise awareness on air pollution.

This is a fully 3D illustrated book with augmented reality content.

Synopsis of the story

Let’s make a journey around the world and learn everything about the air we breathe. We are going to learn about the Earth’s atmosphere, the composition of the air and the most common air pollutants. In addition, we will learn how air pollution negatively affects humans and the environment. 

ISBN-13: 9781790657360

Nicholas and his incredible eyesight

I am proud to announce “Nicholas and his incredible eyesight” the original book for kids.

The book is for all kids, the story is full of lovely and colourful drawings and at the end of the book, kids will have the opportunity to do some fun activities.

Synopsis of the story

Nicholas is a Scottish boy who lives in a small beautiful town in Scotland. He has to move with his family to London for a while. There and with the help of his teacher he will discover his unique super power.

The book is available on digital and paperback formats through the following stores:

If you are interested in a (Limited Edition) HardCover copy of my new book, please Contact me or Tweet me for more details.

ISBN-13: 9788469752708