The Air Quality in my Gym #1

Many people visit the gym everyday because they want to be healthy, but is the air inside the gym healthy?

My gym for instance doesn’t have any kind of window in the fitness room and depends on air ventilators to re-new the air. It can increase the cost of maintaining so do they change filters regularly or do they turn it on? Well, In my opinion it depends the season. I will talk more about it in my next post in which I am going to include some PM measurements.

Mold inside locker rooms is an other issue. You can see it inside the shower stalls, my gym has it. Black mold that grows between tiles. Very bad for your lungs among other issues that it can create like asthma, obesity, autoimmunity, allergies, brain fog and the list goes on. There is only one solution for that to send a complaint letter to the manager of the gym and ask him to clean the showers more often.

Unsafe VOCs from carpeting, glues, furniture, cleaners, paint, among others. In my gym they changed the carpeting last week and I can insure you without using any kind of equipment that VOCs are in so high levels right now. Smells so corrosive. Personally I avoid been close to these areas. Not all people are expert in air quality or even have the minimum concern about it, this is the reason we have to remind them that air is there and we breathe it all the time.

All in all, go and workout but also make it clear to your gym manager that you demand a clean healthy workout environment because at the end of the day you pay them.

IMG_3874 copy


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