Modular City Air Cleaner


The Modular City Air Cleaner aka MCAC is a stracture-device made by a company called Vivex Engineering. Their aim is to alleviate cities from air pollution.

Well, we all know how polluted is the air in cities full of thin dust that are residual of rust, asphalt, tyres, rubber, various ashes, crumble of cement, stones and other more.

The MCAC can be realized in various shapes in function of the final destination of use and can be equipped with or without internal fans (in case of canalized applications). What is even more great about the MCAC is that has been designed as a power saving-oriented machine and it can be equipped with photovoltaic panels for energetic autonomy. It can be integrated in already existing structures as for example inside the beams of a bridge. The generator looks very compact size, has a pressure drop of about 10 Pa and has a very low power consumption of approximately 40W per 1000m³/h of treated air.

The device uses the Cold Plasma technology which has the biggest effect against bacteria, viruses, dust. See the performance range table below.

The air crosses the plasma step and then goes to the scrubber step. There the air passes through water and the water is enhanced by substances taken off the air and is collected in a tank below. A complex automatic loading of clean water, periodically provide integrated water that is absorbed from the air due to evaporate and purge a portion of that contained in the tank. The purified air come out from the top.

Example: MCAC’s implementation

The Cold Plasma generates by-products like Hydroxyl H and OH, Ozone O3, Oxygen peroxide H2O2 and Nitrogen Monoxide NO. The NO + O3 are converted in NO2 + O2 but as the company has implicated some additional filtration steps then the bad by-products of the cold plasma process are eliminated. For example when NO2+O2 passes through the washing step is converted in Nitrous acid HNO2 because it is soluble in water and remain inside a water tank where becomes Nitrite Salts, so the air comes out clean.


It performs very well with most of the air pollutants. In the table below you can see how effective is with dust particles PMs, Nitrogen Oxide NO2 and Carbon Monoxide CO.


Zona d'influenza 1 Model (1)

This technology isn’t low-priced but it is affordable for governments and municipalities especially in big cities like Madrid, Milan, Paris, London, etc where air pollution is very high and citizens need desperately clean air.


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