Why I am in favour of Air Quality Sensors

Why am I in favour of air quality sensors and I support all AQI monitors and sensors independently their price tag?

Because they help us literally See the Air. They are the only tools we can use to get hard evidence that air pollution exists and raise awareness. Someone could say that inaccurate and probably cheap sensors are useless and I will agree in some level but you have to keep in mind that not everyone can afford a +1000$ sensor. Those “cheap” sensors will allow people to discover what they breathe in some level, act on it and will make them more conscious about the pollution. I truly believe that sensors will shape future societies.

Sometimes when I talk to people about air pollution some of them don’t seem to understand that air pollution exists. They have never thought that the black smoke exiting a car is a harmful pollution. They have never thought that lighting the fireplace for a “cosy” moment has effects and consequences. They have never thought that air pollution is everywhere and can affect everyone.

When evidences are presented, people start to think and wonder. A fundamental action which distinguish humans from animals. At that moment people make a huge difference as human beings and the Oxygen that is consumed by them is not a waste. Education is the key to a better future.


6 thoughts on “Why I am in favour of Air Quality Sensors

  1. in addition to this article, i would like to know about air monitoring solutions which are affordable to spread around a city, with their data nicely and i a comprehensive way publised on some portal.

    We have some systems, the aqmesh and the bettair which can do that, but for spreading around in a city it is too expensive. Prices starting around 5000€/unit + yearly costs, do the math.

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