DIY PM Monitor Take 2

Do you remember this DIY Low cost DIY PM Monitor, there is a new and better version available.

The new version offers a low cost housing and the software is more mature now. The software is open source, on github, and there are some pre-built images on their website.

A great new feature is the ability to store of a few days of data on the device which makes it more robust to internet outages and usable for periods away from wifi access, and it records every sample from the PMS5003 sensor which is more that one per second to better capture quick changes and better for mapping walking around.

You can find all the instructions on their website.


4 thoughts on “DIY PM Monitor Take 2

  1. Hi, but how to use the prebuilt firmware images downloaded? There’s no info about the SID and pwd and so on… How did you manage to use it?


    • Yes, the instructions are slim at best. There are instructions for programming the device, and these devices are widely used so you will find other methods in the web. When started for the first time the device creates a default SSID named ‘OAQ_….’ where the suffix is based on the hardware address, and there is a default password too, see the source code. You can sign in to access the configuration pages, and these allow the device to be set up as a Wifi station too, so you can supply a SSID and password for a local access point and that is the preferred method of access. You should also change the default password. There is a built in ‘plot’ page to quickly see the sensor output. Unfortunately the server side support is lagging and I am bogged down appealing to authorities. There are some other software options, an EU group with code on github and I think they support the same sensor, but they do not appear to support storage of results on the device or logging of all the sensor data. Help is really needed to push things along, and it seems many people are happy enough with the sensor and rather pay the extra for that than help with development of an open and cheaper alternative – I can only try.


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