2017 Year in Review

2017 has come to its end. Here are the Top 5 articles on See The Air Blog for this year. I want to thank all of my readers for the loyalty that they have given me. Many of you are following me on Twitter and I would like to invite new readers to follow me as well on Twitter because I comment and discuss a lot of topics there too.

The Countdown

5. On the fifth position we can see articles about the DIY Sensors like the OK Lab Stuttgart – PM DIY Monitor and the OurAirQuality DIY PM Monitor which had a lot of visits and people were very interested on them because they offer affordable air quality monitoring plus they fill a market gap for outdoor AQ monitoring for the consumers.

4. On the fourth position is my book See The Air Book. I am very exited for being in this place. People are appreciating the effort I have done and I am very grateful to all of you. Some have offered to translate the book in Chinese and Arabic among others and many have asked me for a Spanish version which it is coming.

3. On the third position we can find the uHoo Review. uHoo is one of the devices with an abundant quantity of sensors for air quality monitoring. People are very interested to know how the device works and the sensors it uses.

2. On the second position we can see a review again and this time about the AirVisual Review. The AirVisual review is for much longer time on my blog so it is normal the position it possesses. Of course it is a great device with one of the best PM sensor out there for the consumers.

1. On the first position for the 2017 ranking we can see the Device Companions. With over 22,000 visits and still counting it has been the number one reason people are visiting my blog from Google and other search engines.



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