Cars vs People and the future

I had a conversations a few weeks ago about cars and what should we do as a society. Should we abandon them or should we find a better alternative? So I thought sharing my personal opinion and of course I would love to read some comments.

Although it is a matter of opinion, automobiles were invented in 1886 by Karl Benz. Immediately people loved the idea that they can move around easily and fast. Since then not much have changed, cars still are burning fossil fuels to move but one thing has happened, the advertisement reinforced the way people feel about cars.

Every good advertiser knows that if he/she wants to make a successful advertisement he/she has to focus on the feeling of the audience to make a successful sell. Today cars offer self-esteem and status to the people and it is wide acceptable that a person with a car, especially a fast and expensive car, worth more than a person who rides a bike. Let’s pay attention on a car ad the next time we watch TV. They present the driver as the most powerful person in the world with success in love life and in businesses. Of course there isn’t only one ad with the same message, it seems that all the companies and all the models inject the same message and all of them are bombarding the subcontinent of a person over and over. For a long time they have washed our minds.

It is so hard to compete with that, it is hard to raise awareness that most cars are bad for the environment and for our health. It is hard to make people think twice that the smoke exiting from a car is a bad by-product of the vehicle. Regulation and concern is needed.

The reason I am writing this article is because in my conversation with the people who already know how bad cars are for the society and want to ban them completely, it made me think that this is practically impossible. Although they are right, I believe that this is utopian and unaffectable. The advertisement has done a significant damage in the society and it will be almost impossible to undo the mind-shaping people have suffered over the years. The car makers will never stop promoting the cars as necessity.

The best alternative in my opinion is to move to green energy (solar-wind) sources and invest on good quality electric vehicles that they will last a long time on the roads.

I don’t own a car but I would like to make a comment about how people interact with cars. For example parents are very protective with their kids, so most of them won’t ride their kids to school on a cold rainy day but they will drive them in a car without thinking twice if they should or not. Of course they could take the bus, but let’s be real here, people have learnt in convenience and the majority of them will choose to drive to school over taking the bus even if it was an electric bus.


We have to move forward and adopt as soon as possible greener energy and transportation. Governments and companies need to understand that we don’t live only for today and future generations have the right to live on a sustainable environment.


Psych Study: When You’re Bummed, You’re More Likely to Buy


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