Indoor AQ Monitors 2018Q2

Some new AQM on the market and some older devices changed positions from pre-order to order and some others unfortunately they didn’t make it and now they are unavailable. A PDF version of the table is available here: SeeTheAir_Comparison_AQM 2018_Q2

comparison air 2018 Q1

  • Prices may vary during time.
  • Some Companies don’t specify on their data sheet if their devices are capable to measure PM2.5 or PM10 and they just mention the word dust.
  • Some other companies say: Our product goes beyond CO₂ by analyzing substances that directly affect your well-being by measuring VOCs. They aren’t clear if their devices have CO₂ sensor.
  • Some of the devices are AQI Monitors and Air Purifiers Combo. On this list you can only read the features as an AQI monitor.

6 thoughts on “Indoor AQ Monitors 2018Q2

    • Hi, I understand what you mean, the problem is that I want to be objective as much as I can and I don’t won’t to influence people on which device they should get because it will seem like companies are paying me, which they aren’t. I am available to discuss with my readers and give them an advice on which device fits their needs best, so please feel free to ask me anytime, many people on the past have reached me via twitter or email.


    • I know and I am sorry but wordpress doesn’t allow sort-able lists with the free version. I may upload an .xls file soon. Does that works with you? If you know any other way I would love to hear it. Thank you


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