The Next Air Quality Monitor

There are hundreds of Air Quality monitors out there but still there isn’t a single one designed and built to meet people’s needs and capture the market’s attention, each time they miss something. Companies are missing key functions for a good Air Quality monitor, hardware-wise and software-wise.

After years of experience and countless conversations with users and professionals via email/twitter/skype I know what is missing from the market.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business developer or a company that is planning to develop one more air quality monitor, remember to contact me first because I am going to bring substantial information to your company for the Next Air Quality Monitor.


14 thoughts on “The Next Air Quality Monitor

  1. Have you seen details on the Brid that was released through Kickstarter/indiegogo? The features are interesting but haven’t seen any independent reviews.

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  2. here we are again, Roger from ETS. Still on the look,out for good iaq monitors that can be connected to wifi and a base station. Needs to be able to measure all common iaq pollutants. Now e are a few months further but still nothing. Any ideas?

    I came across formaldehyde and btex mobile stations but 30k €/instrument/pollutant is a bit much considering we need multiples.

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    • Hi Roger, I am hearing a company is building something closer on what you are looking for but I still don’t have a lot of details. What sensors do you believe a device should have?


      • well it is quite a list and probably never o be accomplished in 1 sensor i guess but here we go:

        VOC’s but preferably gas by gas
        SO2 (but probably not)

        that should do the trick

        all monitors should be connected to a platform/project meaning if we want to measure IAQ in a building we need multiple analysers/monitors and 1 dashboard should be sufficient.

        we do not need to measure really low like our reference monitors and a 5-15% margin is acceptable.

        The EU uses only 4 parameters: SO2, NOx, O3 and VOC’s but this is not really sufficient to do source detection i guess

        i hope this makes sense

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  3. Hi Sotirios! Your reviews bring great value.
    Our product is not directly related to air quality monitors ..
    Parameters for control: PM2.5, PM1.0 dust, CO2 level, volatile organic compounds (phenols, formaldehydes, acetones, etc.), temperature, pressure, humidity, noise and vibrations, the total illumination level, Ozone and Radon-gas (optional)
    All sensors – in one device, electric power on the solar energy..
    Our product is Indoor Environment Service on the IoT plathform (AWS, MatLab) for:
    – monitoring the effectiveness of engineering systems;
    – conditions of comfort and maximum human productivity (cognitive functions);
    – risk of disease (infectious, allergic, oncological and cardiovascular system)

    If you want..
    we can send you your device and connect to the service ..
    or maybe make a pilot project for the school or IT company


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