Review: Awair 2nd Edition

I love when companies manage to release a second generation of their original product. In this case, Awair released the new Awair 2nd Edition a few months ago.

They clearly have learned a lot and the adjustments they have done and offer with the new version are notable at least hardware-wise. Software-wise the tweaks are small in comparison with the old version but welcome. This can be a good thing because old users can enjoy similar features like the new ones.


Awair has the best app in the market so far. Some new settings in the app are: The ability to choose which sensors to be displayed on the LED matrix by taking advantage of all the available sensors in the device CO2, PM2.5, Humidity, etc… (the same can be achieved with the physical button on the back of the device), the ability to control the volume (because now there is a speaker inside the 2nd edition) and some small chances while you are setting up the device for the first time.

awair2nd app ios iphone


  • New PM2.5 Sensor : 0-1,000 µg/m³ ±15 µg/m³ / or ±15%
  • New TVOCs Sensor : 0-60,000 ppb / ±10%
  • CO2 Sensor  : 400-5,000ppm ± 75ppm / or 10%
  • Temperature :  -40 to 125°C (-40 to 257°F) / ±0.2°C
  • Humidity : 0 to 100% / ±2% RH
  • New Ambient light sensor : 0.96 to 640000lux
  • New Ambient noise sensor : -26BFS – SNR Typical 61dB (A-weighted, 20Hz~20kHz)
  • New Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
  • New Bluetooth 4.1

Let’s begin with the exterior changes. The device now uses a USB-C 10 Watt connector for power supply. Even the charger is new with a cool feature which allows it to work in different socket standards like in Europe, UK and USA. The device features a double button at the back which allows the user to change the information they see on the LED display between CO2, PM2.5, Humidity, Temperature, VOCs, Clock and the Air Quality score. LED lights are even brighter and they adjust to the environment much faster thanks to the new Ambient Light sensor.

awair back usb-c

Most of the internal components are new and better than before, there is finally a laser PM2.5 sensor inside the device which measures PM2.5 particles actively not like the previous version. It uses a low noise fan to draw air inside from the frontal hole, which is bigger than the previous one. It takes measurements every 10 seconds to prolong the life-span of the sensor. I would recommend you to keep the device away from your night-stand because it can distract you. In my case I placed it in the opposite side of the bed on top of the chiffonier and I sleep without any problem.

The VOC sensor seems to be new too, it is a bit more selective on the gases it is triggered by and the algorithm gives better results, in my opinion.

Types of Detected VOCs.jpg

The Humidity and Temperature sensors are good and stable as the previous version and in comparison with other monitors too.

The CO2 sensor from the original version of Awair was very good and it seems the company kept it into the 2nd Edition as well. I get the exact same reading from Awair 1st & 2nd Edition.

There is an Ambient Light sensor and an Ambient Noise sensor (aka Microphone). So far the app doesn’t take advantage of both sensors but maybe in the future they will provide even better sleep analysis.

The WiFi module is a lot better or at least the antennas and the reception inside the house is stronger so you can place the device almost anywhere in the house. I used to have problem with the older version when I placed the device between 2 walls but not any more.


The design of the device is lovely, the wood enclosure gives a natural aspect to it and blends in harmony with the rest of the furniture. The new sensors will obtain better measurements and will give better insight of the air quality in your house. Finally, I think more features will come to the app in the near future.

Stay tuned because a comparison is coming…


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