Review: Xiaomi Mijia AirPOP Airwear

I was looking forward to review this mask as it has a unique design to adjust around the face. They call it 360º Facial fit with zero glue and zero Formaldehyde. It is supposed to protect you from the dead ends on both sides of the nose and chin, allows to better fit the facial contours as seen on the picture below.Read More »


Review: Awair 2nd Edition

I love when companies manage to release a second generation of their original product. In this case, Awair released the new Awair 2nd Edition a few months ago.

They clearly have learned a lot and the adjustments they have done and offer with the new version are notable at least hardware-wise. Software-wise the tweaks are small in comparison with the old version but welcome. This can be a good thing because old users can enjoy similar features like the new ones.

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