Ask the Expert – BreezoMeter Interview

Recently, I gave an inverted to BreezoMeter, which is a company dedicated to providing air quality data, pollen reports and fire alerts globally. It was a great honour to be able to share my thoughts on the subject of air pollution.

You can read the complete interview in the following link:

The same interview was reprinted by Airthings and it available in the link below:

You will need only 5 minutes to read it.

Thank you

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2 thoughts on “Ask the Expert – BreezoMeter Interview

  1. Hi Sotiris,
    I observed Breezometer data for months in order to decide where to move to in Athens, because the area where I was living before was very polluted (Exarcheia, in the city centre). I decided to move to the area around Filopappou Hill, still in the centre, but where the air is indeed better. But then in winter I got confronted to an issue that Breezometer is not taking into account, because their data is extrapolated and not real time data. In winter the air in the whole Athens area is too often toxic from the thousands of fireplaces that are lit up at the same time, especially at night during cold, windless days. Well, according to Breezometer those days of really bad air are similar to the nexts days with less pollution from the fireplaces. Breezometer can’t measure air pollution in real time, and that’s a big limitation in case of sudden pollution like when fireplaces are lit up all together.
    So, in the real world, the lesson is that we must use REAL TIME sensors in order to exactly know what the air around you is. And those sensors are now available to the public, fortunately, with cheaper options, such as those that you recently reviewed. Thank you for your reviews!

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    • Thank you for your comment Andrea.
      Yes, you are right about how Breezometer works and unfortunately, as there aren’t many AQ stations in Athens algorithms alone felt through. Breathe safe!


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