Outdoor Air Quality Monitors 2020Q4

Since my last update of the outdoor (ambient) air quality monitors list back in 2018, new products have been released into the market for various purposes and different budgets. Air quality monitors for professional use in cities and industrial sites and homeowners who want to supervise the ambient air quality outside their houses/apartments.


10 thoughts on “Outdoor Air Quality Monitors 2020Q4

  1. Thank you very much Sotirios for your updates.

    Would you recommend the uRADMonitor SMOGGIE-GAS for NO2 monitoring?

    I need to measure NO2 to be put beside my PurpleAir on my balcony, and I can’t spend too much on the other all-in-one higher end monitors.

    Otherwise I was thinking of an Airly PM+Gas, although I find the subscription quite hefty.

    Thanks again for all your info!


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  2. This is a fantastic resource thank you for all the work here. Would you consider sharing the document as locked csv. Would be helpful to get the overview. Great work as always and congrats on recognition as a key influencer

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