uRADMonitor SMOGGIE-PM | Call for Volunteers Take 2 [Ended]

Back in 2019 uRADMonitor and I organized a “Call for Volunteers” where we gave away 10 monitors all around the world.

Once more we are looking for five volunteers who want to receive a Smoggie-PM monitor. The new version comes with new transparent icy look case and visual indication of the pollution concentration thanks to the LED light.

Volunteers all around the world who are willing to install an Air Quality Monitor in their backyard or balcony or window or any other outdoor environment in order to build a better air quality network and to help you raise awareness in your neighborhood/community.

The only requirement from your side is to have a good Wi-Fi internet connection 24/7 and keep the device on constantly in order to broadcast the measurements to an open map. The WiFi signal must reach the monitor outdoors.

Just email or tweet or DM me on any social media platform, tell me where are you planning to install the monitor and why should I choose you.


Smoggie-PM is an ultra low-cost high performance Air Quality Monitor, with Wi-Fi connectivity and a laser scattering sensor (Plantower PMS5003) that measures Particulate Matter PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 and makes it available on your phone or laptop in real time. Also, it is equipped with a Temperature/Humidity/Pressure sensor (Bosch BME280).

Smoggie is an automated, fixed, Air Quality monitoring station. It has WiFi connectivity to send the air quality measurements to the uRADMonitor Cloud in real time. It needs 5V to run, powered by a standard micro-USB cable (the same your smartphone uses in order to charge it). The new versions have a color LED light that reflect the pollution levels in real-time.


14 thoughts on “uRADMonitor SMOGGIE-PM | Call for Volunteers Take 2 [Ended]

  1. Hi, I would very like to be a trialist for the air monitoring tech. My small housing estate is bound by busy roads but facing a lovely nature reserve with a lake, around 150m from a busy road.

    I think it would be interesting to see how living close to greenspace in an urban environment affects air pollution.

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  2. I was already interested in Smoggie-PM monitor and would love to be one of the five volunteers to also make Smoggie-PM more popular in the Netherlands. I started a topic about monitoring air quality and posting the results there as volunteer might interest more people in the Netherlands. Especially, because there are no air quality meters in the neighborhood.

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  3. I would be willing to have one at my home if it makes the cut. I live in Winter Garden, Florida which is a suburb west of Orlando that is in one of the biggest growing markets for housing and development. I live about a mile east of a large lake (Lake Apopka) that was shut down for eating due to the green house run off of chemicals in the 70s and 80s – that is finally returning (but no one eats anything from it).

    This would be a true reflection of a growing suburb.

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  4. Hello from Torreón, México!
    We are VERY interested in receiving the uRAD Monitor SMOGGIE-PM.
    We are currently working on a project to develop low-cost air quality sensors and this equipment can be helpful in having more information on PMs.
    Please consider me for this offer.
    I DO have the requirements (wi fi 24/7).
    Please contact me if you have any questions.
    ME Susana Estens
    Mobile +52

    Obtener Outlook para Android

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  5. Hello, I would like to have a test I have 3 locations I can setup the sensor 2 in Bucharest, Dr.Taberei, and one in Mihai Voda, Giurgiu (near bucharest), I already have simmilar sensors I have made set-up to this location, an can gladly acomodate one of yours


  6. I want to install the monitor in the center of Brasov (str. Alexndru Ioan Cuza) because:
    1. There is no monitor here;
    2. All monitors in the city indicate false data!


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