Particly NFT & Blockchain Air Quality Awareness

In December 2021, I introduced Particly, a mascot which I will use as a tool to educate people about air pollution through social media. What you don’t know is that Particly is available as an NFT art and collectible since then. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger. NFTs can be associated with easily-reproducible items such as photos, videos, 3D models, audio, and other types of digital files as unique items. Air Quality deserves a place in the WEB3 Metaverse in an effort to raise awareness.

For those who know me, I always look ahead in time in my effort to find different ways to embrace awareness and engage people. I love new challenges.

What I will do with the capital raised from the actions of the NFTs? I will help low-income communities to deploy air quality monitors in my effort to help them see the air they breathe and spread the word. I aim high and I don’t know if this experiment will succeed but I think it worths a chance. In the past we have sent out low-cost air quality monitors all around the world. Now I want to make a bigger contribution but I need some capital.

There is already some interest in the blockchain and how air quality data can be incorporated into it. PlanetWatch is the first blockchain company that has developed and deployed a global network of low-cost air quality sensors with the aim of validating, filtering, and displaying data on the Internet and through a mobile application in real-time. Hopefully, I will review their platform.

Miami, USA, is set to be the first city to incorporate a blockchain-based decentralized solution to monitor air quality. The air-quality monitoring network is built on the Algorand blockchain. AQ data stored on the blockchain creates a global, permanent, tamper-proof air-quality ledger. Keep in mind, even official AQ data from official AQ Stations sometimes are tampered and there is no other way to protect them unless we invest in a decentralized solution.

You can find Particly on OpenSea, ab2.Gallery, and Rarible.


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