Why people don’t understand the importance of Air?


The answer is almost every time the same, Education. People don’t understand the importance of the air because simple they don’t know that exists, ignorance or non-awareness and because their eyes can’t see it yet. Schools don’t educate kids and if they do always on a basic level, mostly about water and trash.

The other day I was reading a shocking online article, it was about the people from China that they don’t seem to believe that they have air quality issues in multiply levels in their country. Those kind of articles make me wonder and make me feel scared about the future. Why the Chinese don’t understand the problem, maybe they do but they ignore it because they worry they will lose their jobs which is a possibility if you think that they are +1,401,586,609 people and all these people need to work so they can feed their families. However this problem doesn’t appear only in China, even here in Spain people are ignorance about air contamination.

Then there are the smokers, people that are willing to spend money on smoke but literally on smoke CO2 plus other gasses  just because they feel good and cool for a moment. Lack of education? Maybe yes, but also because I think we don’t evolve mentally. Of course we innovate and discover new things but our ego doesn’t allow us to see beyond ourselves and our image.

Finally we have some “great” governments that are unable to control or most of the times have a say over big companies. And why those companies don’t care? Money and greediness. Some of them even use the word “Green” to attract more clients or make their clients feel better when they buy their products.


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