First AQI readings

Last week I had the chance of getting Foobot an indoor AQI device with PM, VOCs, CO2, Temperature and Humidity Sensors.

foobot AQI device in the living room
I have been using it since Thursday 19/11/2015, it has been great so far with many useful informations about my air quality. Firstly the device is placed in my living room and I have noticed that my lowest background levels are:

Living room lowest readings
  • CO2 = 450ppm
  • VOCs = 127ppb
  • PMs = 0μg/m³
  • RH = 60%

PMs can change rapidly when my living room stays uncleaned for 3-4 days, especially when I move a lot around (which I do) and reach values of 17μg/m³. VOCs don’t change a lot because in general I don’t use toxic products for cleaning. CO2 from the other hand can get worse when I have the living room 15m² closed for more than 2-3h and two people are inside. CO2 can reach values of 3000ppm although CO2 isn’t a threat for humans but can indicate your over all well been. Humidity is high and sometimes can reach values of 73% and for me it is hard to battle.

All these data are still under observations and more are about to come.



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