Bedroom Air Conclusions

After all the problems that I had in my bedroom (Part1) (Part2) with air quality I want to share some conclusions and tips.

First of all I placed next to the AQI device a snake plant as I’ve already mentioned. It can suck some of the VOCs in the air but not in a high rate, so don’t wait that it will suck up all the pollution inside the house. An estimated rate is ∼3ppb/10min. The size of my pant is small 18cm wide, 11cm tall and with 16 tiny to small leaves (roots are actually responsible for VOCs’ absorption). The bigger the better of course.

From the other hand it can handle better the CO2 during night sleep, before the snake plant the CO2 readings could reach easily +3500ppm but after the snake plant the CO2 readings are about -2800ppm. Yes I know they are quite high but during night time, windows are close.


The Window is your true friend but trust it with wisdom. Which means that you have to open the window if you want to renew the air and get rid of the VOCs and the CO2 but make sure the air outside is better. It actually doesn’t need to be open for a long time 10-20min per session, 3-4 times per day during winter. In summer I personally leave some windows always open.

As always stay tuned.



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