Bedroom Shocking Discovery Part 2

Part 2

So, after the horrible discovery I moved the device next to my night stand and I removed the chest of drawers from my bedroom. Many people including myself think that we sleep in a nice cozy environment but we don’t.

Why the readings were so high? Well it’s because of the low quality WPCs Wood-plastic composites. There are many variations and ratios of wood and different type of plastic or resins that they use to make the final product. I estimate that the resin that they have used to make the WPC was the most economic and as a result the most harmful.

On the night stand the readings are lower than before around VOCs: 280-510ppb. If I isolate the room the VOCs build up with time. I have to refresh the air inside the room 3-4 times during the day by leaving the window open. It acts quickly actually so that’s a relief.


As you can see in the short animation I have a Snake Plant on my night stand as well, mostly for O2 production during night. I will talk about that on my next post.

As always stay tuned.


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