The Air in Italy (Rome)

On my previous post I have talked a bit about the air problems that Greece is facing now. On this post I will talk about my experience in Italy and more specific in Rome.

Great city with great history as well. They call it the eternal city but I will call it the noise city because they are part of the mediterranean temperament. I only had the chance to visit the city and not around but I have noticed that the air quality in Rome isn’t good at all.


Smoking: From one hand people respect and they don’t smoke inside (Strong Law) but from the other hand by the time they exit a building they will smoke and smoke non stop. Cigarette Butt everywhere on the street. I couldn’t walk outside without having someone in front of me smoking.


Cars: Vehicles are a big problem there as well. In Rome they even have many mini cars (one-two seats per car) I guess because of a parking issue that they may facing.


Metro: The air quality inside Rome’s metro was horrible, unhealthy and unbreathable. I guess the ventilation doesn’t work and if it works maybe it’s time to renovate it immediately. In my opinion the metro didn’t have a good aspect at all. The price of the underground was €1.5 per journey or €7 for 24h or €24 for 7 days which I don’t find very attractive for a family and someone that goes to work every day. In Madrid for example the price of Metro is  €1.5 for a single trip but €11.20 for 10 trips which is more good if you work 5 days per week and you need two tickets per day during a labor week.

People have to realise that we need to make changes if we want a healthy future in Rome, in Athens, in London etc.


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