Monitoring my house during vacations


So, I left my home 20 days ago for vacations but I left Awair (one of my Home AQI devices) ON just because I wanted to monitor the house during all that time of absence.

Every day all the values of VOCs, CO2, Temperature and Humidity were stable and normal when suddenly on 5th of January I noticed that the value of the VOCs index climbed from 1 to 2 (Awair dispays VOCs on an index values not into parts per billion). Why did that happen? Well my first thought was that someone has entered the house without my knowledge and indeed my sister in law had entered the house secretly during night to leave some presents (btw high in VOCs) for my nieces because she wanted to hide them before the The Three Wise Men day (a traditional day when Spanish people exchange gifts).

Bottom line my Home AQI device can function more than a simple air quality monitor and gives me a glimpse inside my house even when I am not present. I guess if my house had a flood problem, I could see a spike in the humidity and if a fire started, I could see a spike in CO2.


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