AirVisual Node – Gym

On my complete review for AirVisual Node I expressed my gratefulness about the device’s ability to function off-the-grid which allows me to move it around places without any problem. In this article I will talk about my experience with the device in the Gym.


The last three months I am practising crossfit which is an intense workout and it does require a lot of deep and fast breaths, so I decided to check the air quality at the crossfit facility with the permission of the owner. The facility is quite big with an area of 105m²/1130,21ft² and a height of 4m/13ft. At the moment of the measurements there were 18 people working out in the facility. The results were very good, the CO2 didn’t pass the 466ppm during the whole workout session and there was only one big spike of Particulate Matter due to the use of powdered chalk. If you check the graphs you will notice some similarities between the CO2 and PMs, when the intension of the exercises were high the CO2 went up and the PMs as well.

There is a red part on the beginning of each graph, don’t pay attention in that area, I had my face close to the device as I was setting it up and the CO2 is normally high.

Airy DashboardAiry Dashboard

Stay tuned for the next article about the AirVisual Node in the car.


3 thoughts on “AirVisual Node – Gym

  1. We have two places we workout during COVID. In our LL gym (weights & floor CrossFit) where we have a URad A3 and in an upstairs room where I have a TACX Neo w/ a road bike on it and often have an IQAir in there.
    The gym typically has CO2 @ about 500ppm when unoccupied. During a 1 hr workout it will rise to about 670ppm.
    Riding the TACX it’s not unusual to see CO2 go from around 600ppm to 1800ppm over a 1 hr workout of intervals.

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