Air pollution and Eyesight

eye dirt

There are more than 100 studies demonstrating that poor air quality and pollution can affect your respiratory system (lungs, throat, etc) but what about our vision and our eyes. Does air pollution affects our Eyes?

The short answer is yes! Think about how you feel when your eyes come in contact with pollen (in case you are allergic) or heavy smoke, they immediately become red and itchy! The effects of the air pollution have not been studied enough yet on the same way as on the respiratory system, but I am sure scientists are doing the best they can.Read More »


How to talk to people about Air Pollution


It is very interesting how society works and how people get influenced. I am in my thirties which means I am not a wise old man despite of that I have done my own observations.

It hard to convince people that the climate is changing and global warming is true and even if they believe you they won’t do anything about it. The reason is simple, convenience! It is a lot easier for people to do the incorrect and easy than doing the right and more thoughtful. Some people also “think” that by coming in this world everything is theirs and somehow they can waste it.

Then education plays an import part, educational systems that are insufficient and wrong in many ways. Still teaching religion subjects at school even in higher levels of education instead of teaching about the environmental issues, how to respect the society actively and being an aware person and not egomaniac through consumerism.Read More »

Find your indoor air flow pattern


For quite some time now I am noticing that when I cook the air always flows from the kitchen to my master bedroom. The pattern that the air follows inside each house is unique, in my case both rooms are connected directly maybe because the master bedroom has bigger volume than the second bedroom at the northen part of the house. When I don’t cook, the house breathe mostly because I have the kitchen window open and forces the air to flow from north to south.

I cook with the ventilation hood on but when I bake and the ventilation is off all the odors and gases travel to my bedroom which is annoying because odors tend to trap inside the textiles and mattresses.

Why is that important? Well in case you want to ventilate the house fast, by knowing the right combination of open windows that will allow the house to breathe the greatest air quantity the quickest possible. For example this is the quickest way to get rid of CO2 without loosing too much heat in winter. In summer it allows the house to stay cool and fresh.

Volkswagen vs the World


Someone will say that it feels that I am attacking them too much but in respect they don’t do anything to make things better with their cars. Millions and millions are still circulating around the world producing great quantities of toxic gases like CO and NOx. I see them and I breathe them every day on my commute to work or gym, trying desperately to avoid them, but they are too many.

They even apologized back in 2015 with an ad by giving $500 to clients for future purchase. Come on! What about the people that they don’t own one, but breathe all those toxic gases?

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Traffic Jam ↓ Air Quality


There was a traffic Jam from Almeria to Murcia yesterday that decrease the air quality inside the car, the windows were closed. The traffic jam last for about 10 minutes and I could feel the toxic gases surrounding me. As you can see on the picture the sky was clear and the weather conditions normal. Poor cyclists cycle around cars.