Air pollution and Eyesight

eye dirt

There are more than 100 studies demonstrating that poor air quality and pollution can affect your respiratory system (lungs, throat, etc) but what about our vision and our eyes. Does air pollution affects our Eyes?

The short answer is yes! Think about how you feel when your eyes come in contact with pollen (in case you are allergic) or heavy smoke, they immediately become red and itchy! The effects of the air pollution have not been studied enough yet on the same way as on the respiratory system, but I am sure scientists are doing the best they can.

Fact: Do you know which is one of the best dissolver in the world? The water and our eyes are covered with water to help them maintain lubricated and intact, but there is a small handicap with water on our eyes as it is the best dissolver, it can dissolve gases, toxic or not. These dissolved gases such as carbon oxides and nitrogen oxides can damage tissue and hurt your vision. They can lower the natural PH and turn it into acid.  Particulate matter (PM2.5 & PM10) is a great hazard for our eyes as well.

Effects of air pollution on eyes

The most common symptoms occurring due to air pollution are:

  • Redness
  • Burning sensation
  • Itching sensation
  • Difficulty in vision due to watering and itching
  • Allergic reaction: eyelid swelling, inability to open eyes, vision problem and risk of infection.

In case your eyes start feeling itching, simple rinse them with clean and purified cold water or use special eye drops. If the problem insists then go to the doctor immediately.

Soon will have to wear helmets like the astronauts do to protect ourselves from air pollution. We need to change our habits and rise social awareness.


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