Find your indoor air flow pattern


For quite some time now I am noticing that when I cook the air always flows from the kitchen to my master bedroom. The pattern that the air follows inside each house is unique, in my case both rooms are connected directly maybe because the master bedroom has bigger volume than the second bedroom at the northen part of the house. When I don’t cook, the house breathe mostly because I have the kitchen window open and forces the air to flow from north to south.

I cook with the ventilation hood on but when I bake and the ventilation is off all the odors and gases travel to my bedroom which is annoying because odors tend to trap inside the textiles and mattresses.

Why is that important? Well in case you want to ventilate the house fast, by knowing the right combination of open windows that will allow the house to breathe the greatest air quantity the quickest possible. For example this is the quickest way to get rid of CO2 without loosing too much heat in winter. In summer it allows the house to stay cool and fresh.


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