How to talk to people about Air Pollution


It is very interesting how society works and how people get influenced. I am in my thirties which means I am not a wise old man despite of that I have done my own observations.

It hard to convince people that the climate is changing and global warming is true and even if they believe you they won’t do anything about it. The reason is simple, convenience! It is a lot easier for people to do the incorrect and easy than doing the right and more thoughtful. Some people also “think” that by coming in this world everything is theirs and somehow they can waste it.

Then education plays an import part, educational systems that are insufficient and wrong in many ways. Still teaching religion subjects at school even in higher levels of education instead of teaching about the environmental issues, how to respect the society actively and being an aware person and not egomaniac through consumerism.

Avoid over saturating people with information that is too complicated, be simple and give easy examples. The majority of people don’t understand the concept of PM2.5 versus PM10 or NO2 or SO2 or Ground Level Ozone is, so make it easy for them. For example (PMs) particles in the air makes people sick especially elders and kids. Asthma, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases are some of the health problems associated with this fine particles.

Talk locally, I live in Spain, so if I start talking about the air pollution in China people tend to believe that this is happening far away and it doesn’t affect them, although it does affect them find a better more local example for them, Spanish cities in my case like Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla etc.

Money is a key ingredient that always makes people think and probably act. For example buying locally it’s cheaper and it will boots local economy much better than purchasing a product from the other side of the world. Then simple you inform them that as a secondary action you cut on CO2 emissions. An other great example is turning the engine off and not idling while your vehicle isn’t moving (on traffic lights too). First mention that they will save on petrol and then mention that is good for the environment.

Media are bombarding us with ads all day long making us believe that we need everything we see. Think wisely and wonder constantly how you can become better, you have the brain to do that, don’t be scared to use it.


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