Review: Cambridge Mask

This time I had the opportunity of getting a half face mask by Cambridge Mask Co. and of course I wrote with pleasure a review on my blog.


Cambridge Mask offers the N99 respirators (Not oil resistant), a three layer mask with a Military Grade Carbon Filter layer, and the Three-Ply Micro Particulate layer. An exhale valve is present as well to ensure that moist won’t build up.  These respirators also filter 99.6% of viruses and 99.77% of bacteria.

  • First Layer
    • The first later of this pollution mask is designed to filter our larger particles such as dust and PM10.
  • Second Layer
    • The second Three-Ply Micro layer of the N99 respirator mask is designed to block particulate pollution from PM2.5 to PM0.3.
  • Third Layer
    • The third and inner filter is made from a 100% pure activated carbon cloth and it is Military Graded. It has got a unique potential to absorb molecules, including anions and cations. Also it removes potentially harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

Cambridge masks


The Cambridge Masks are made in England and they are made of high quality matterial. You can see and feel the high quality. The company has considered many details and has created an excellent face mask. The adjustable earloops offer a great seal and the wide metal that is used in the noseband to close tightly the mask around that area is durable and well chosen. The masks are washable too.


The masks have been tested by the Nelson Labs of America and they have been classified officially as N99 respirators. Each mask comes with a unique serial number to ensure quality.

Documation Filtration test


The company has decided to take the mask to the next level by adding sensors to the mask itself. By replacing the exhale valve with the SmartValve the users have the answers to key questions like: How do I know when I should be wearing a mask? How long does the mask last for? Does wearing a mask affect my breathing?

The Cambridge Mask app communicates via bluetooth with the SmartValve and collaborates with other open sources and government data, provided via AirVisual. Then the user via geolocation has access to the pollution index for his/her area.


A very well designed mask and many details have been considered. Affordable price at £22 and with great features as the company continues to innovate.

7 thoughts on “Review: Cambridge Mask

  1. Hey Sotirios, I’ve really enjoyed your mask reviews (and air-related posts in general here!). I’m hoping you can help- do you know of any decent mask that are actually available in stock anywhere online (or in the US)? For kids & adults.

    Thank you.



  2. Hey Sotirios, I’ve really enjoyed your mask reviews (and air-related posts in general here!). I’m hoping you can help- do you know of any decent mask that are actually available in stock anywhere online (or in the US)? For kids & adults.

    Thank you kindly for any advice.



  3. Any info on the valve, with regard to the exhale being safely filtered for virus? Now that we are dealing with coronavirus my city prohibits, as acceptable for indoor use, masks with an unfiltered exhale valve feature. I am in contact with Cambridge as I have several on order, but have not heard back yet.


    • They are clearly marked “not for medical use.” The reason we are all supposed to be wearing masks is to protect others from ourselves should we have the coronavirus and not yet have symptoms, thus not know it. The two days before we develop symptoms is when we are most infective to others, and some of us may never get symptoms, thus pass out the virus to others for a long period of time if we don’t have a mask, or if we use a mask such as the ones from Cambridge. They have a one-way valve that allows you to filter out the virus from others which is great, but which will do nothing to stop or slow down the pandemic. What comes out of you is free to infect others. We are approaching 500,000 people killed, and we are seeing some very concerning trends. People who are developing antibodies to this suspected man-made bioweapon are losing those in 2-3 months and are showing signs of the possibility of being reinfected. The damage done to people’s lungs is likely a life-long problem. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take this seriously.


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