Last year, I reviewed the AIRINUM Lite Air Mask and I was really pleased with the comfortability and efficiency during my daily commutes. The same company has developed a higher-end model called URABN AIR MASK 2.0. In my opinion, this mask has been given much more attention to the details. From the packaging to the mask itself.

The AIRINUM URABN AIR MASK 2.0 offers great protection from particulate matter. I have been wearing the Onyx Black for four weeks already.


It employs the same technology as the Lite Air Mask with a multi-layer filter which is tested at the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) with results showing 98% filtering efficiency against particles down to 0.3μm in size. The size of the filter is bigger though. You will find the full lab results here. The five-layer filter can last up to a month of usage, but as always keep it away from very humid environments and procure to disinfect the inner filter layer with sprayed alcohol to prevent bacteria growth. The mask is washable and treated with Polygiene®.

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Review: BRISE Multi-Shield Mask

Another great mask to wear against air pollution and the COVID-19 disease. BRISE the company behind the air purifiers just released the BRISE Multi-Shield Mask and they come in three different colours, Dark Black, Peach Red, and Sky Blue.

BRISE Multi-Shield Masks have some key characteristics that separate them from the competition. A certified filter against PM2.5 pollutants, which can block oily and non-oily pollutants, keep in mind that the most common N95 masks are not resistant to oil). Double water-resistant washable layer that can withstand up to 200 times of hand-washing by maintaining excellent filtration efficiency and long-term effectiveness. Finally, the organic cotton inner layer offers a gentle and comfortable touch to the skin.

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Review: Aropec – Face Mask (COVID-19 & PM2.5)

A lot of people are still reaching me and asking me to advise them on which masks should they purchase as they want to protect from the COVID-19 disease without breaking the bank, as some of the masks out there are quite expensive.

Aropec is a great solution for individuals and companies that invest in their employees protection. The mask offers 3 key features; It is water repellent, washable (very important for me), and antibacterial thanks to Swedish Polygiene © an anti-virus and odour technology.

The mask offers 3 layers of protection.

  • 1st Outer Layer: Water repellent fabric with Polygiene “ViralOff” treatment. This is certified to kill 99% of viruses (like hepatitus, Influenza, Corona) and other bacteria. It has been tested against Influenza A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS) over the years, and in all cases, have achieved 99% levels of reduction. It is certified to the ISO18184:2019 standard, which makes it legit and it is not just a claim.
  • 2nd Middle Layer: Non-woven fabric with dust and particles filtration. Non-woven fabric is used generally in masks and is proving to be effective at capturing respiratory droplets and filtering PM2.5 particles.
  • 3rd Inner Layer: Soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable fabric treated with Silver Ion Polygiene. Again, the Polygiene treatment captures and breaks down unpleasant odours, and is certified antibacterial, meaning it can protect the user from bacteria and transmission of droplets.


My experience

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Review: IQAir Mask

If you read my blog frequently you will know by now that I am constantly trying to find a face mask that fits perfectly around my face and keeps my internal organs (lungs, heart, brain, etc) away from PM2.5+ pollution. I have already found a mask that does that in previous review but I wanted to try IQAir Mask because it looks even more comfortable and lightweight. Let’s find out!

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Review: Xiaomi Mijia AirPOP Airwear

I was looking forward to review this mask as it has a unique design to adjust around the face. They call it 360º Facial fit with zero glue and zero Formaldehyde. It is supposed to protect you from the dead ends on both sides of the nose and chin, allows to better fit the facial contours as seen on the picture below.Read More »

Review: Cambridge Mask

This time I had the opportunity of getting a half face mask by Cambridge Mask Co. and of course I wrote with pleasure a review on my blog.


Cambridge Mask offers the N99 respirators (Not oil resistant), a three layer mask with a Military Grade Carbon Filter layer, and the Three-Ply Micro Particulate layer. An exhale valve is present as well to ensure that moist won’t build up.  These respirators also filter 99.6% of viruses and 99.77% of bacteria.Read More »

Review: Vogmask


One more time I had the opportunity of getting a half face mask this time by Vogmask and of course I couldn’t resist not writing a review on my blog.

As I have already mentioned in my preview article effectiveness and elegance are the key points of my evaluation.

Many people are spending a lot of time during the day travelling from one destination to an other on foot or by bike or by car/public transportation. There are 1.25 Billion Vehicles on World’s Roads right now and they increase steadily. (There is an estimation of 2 Billion Vehicles by 2035).

What kind of pollutants do we face everyday: Particulate matter (PM), Hydrocarbons (HC), Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other air pollutants/toxics such as Benzene, acetaldehyde, and 1,3-butadiene.


Vogmask offers the N99 respirators (Not oil resistant), with options of a carbon filter layer (C), and an exhale valve (V). I have the N99CV.  These respirators are made to seal tightly around the mouth and nose and they are made of material certified to block 99% of particles 0.3 μm or larger in diameter including PM2.5.

  • Outer layer Faceblank of non woven microfiber
  • Filter media of Nanofiber PP Filtering Textile middle layer
  • Filter layer of Active Carbon coconut shell derived charcoal bonded to textile 
  • Exhalation Valve of ABS Resin with silicone stopper
  • Nosebridge of coated aluminum wire
  • Trim and ear loops of latex-free spandex
  • Inner layer Faceblank (comfort inner layer closest to lips) of woven microfiber


They have a huge collection of print designs which meet everyone’s taste. Of course all face masks are noticeable. The materials are soft to the touch and face. The mask doesn’t touch your lips and mouth.


The exhale valve is quite big and helps a lot with the moist that may build while you are breathing, in my case I will rate the valve at 85% efficient. I have a beard and facial hair is enough to break the seal and let in particles and gases. They have a solution for that. The Head Strap Accessory which snaps onto the ear loops of the Vogmask for a tighter seal and more security. I have been wearing the mask during three weeks now while I am riding my bike or motorcycle and I have noticed that I don’t smell anymore some of the gasses that come out of the cars or buses.

The mask is CE Certified reusable which means that you can rinse it with water and liquid soap. Although it may work with the Nanofiber PP Filtering, I think the Active Charcoal filter won’t work as well as a new one, because a lot of the nano pores that trap gases will clog up by the impurities and minerals of the water.

It is designed to last up to 3 years but it is recommended to replaced it after 4 months when a sudden increase in inhalation resistance is noticeable. In this case the middle filtering layer is saturated with particles and the mask needs to be replaced.


All in all it doesn’t require extra effort to breathe with the mask and the exhale valve helps a lot with the moist. The maintenance is minimum but recommended after a while. Good filtration against street air pollutants.