Review: BRISE C200 Air Purifier

It was time to review an air purifier because it is a vital device for those who suffer from air pollution and allergies. The purifier that I am going to review is called BRISE C200. It was first launched in Taiwan in 2017, although the company’s headquarter is in the Netherlands with team members in Germany and Taiwan. I have been following this company since their first steps into the air quality market.

The reason I wanted to review this purifier first is because it is the first air purifier with artificial intelligence aka A.I. and because it combines two devices in one, an air quality monitor and a purifier, obviously.

What’s the buzz about A.I. and what it will do for you?

The benefits of having an A.I. device are multiple, but basically it will make your life easier and it will help you save money. In this case, BRISE A.I. will use the user’s profile and room condition, and with its advance built-in sensors and computing algorithm, it will be able to give you clean air anytime you need it without you thinking about it. The A.I. will also help you save money thanks to the Smart Filter management which dynamically calculates remaining filter lifetime based on the actual air quality (not just a fixed countdown timer). The company claims that the device consumes approximately 4p/5cents of electricity per day by normal 24/7 usage. BRISE is also compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control.

One more function, which I haven’t tried, is the ability to set up Multiple BRISE units and let them collaborate together via the smartphone and A.I.

Air Purifier Specifications

  • CADR (clean air delivery rate): 181~243 m3/hr
  • Applied space: 14 to 30 m2
  • Motor: efficient brushless DC motor
  • Power consumption: 42 watt (max)
  • Noise: 5~50dB
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n

  • 31 x 21 x 45cm A4 size /5 kg 

Air Filter Specifications

  • The FC200 Carbon Pre-filter for dander, fur/hair, dust filter and coarse particles. A pack of 6 filters can be purchased for €29, one-year supply. 
  • UV-A light for maintaining fresh air.
  • The FC200 4-in-1 Combo filter can be purchased for €49. The 4-in-1 Combo is designed to last 6 months but it will last much longer thanks to the A.I. It includes the following layers.
    • Anti-bacteria filter
    • HEPA filter for capturing all PM2.5 particles
    • VOC filter for absorbing harmful chemical vapors
    • TiO2+UV LED for inhibiting bacterial and molds growth


Air Quality Monitor Specifications

  • PM2.5 sensor 0-999 μm/ m3
  • VOC sensor 4 Level : L(low), M(medium), H(high), H+(very high)
  • Temperature -30°C ~ 100°C
  • Humidity 0~100% RH



BRISE app works beautifully with the device and the collaboration between the physical buttons is smooth. From the app you can manage all the settings, which otherwise you wouldn’t be able to with a conventional air purifier, and create a personal profile with your needs. A nice feature is the CHILD LOCK switch which will restrict children from tampering with the device. The AQ stats are also present under the “see more details” button in the main screen.


A unique and useful feature that can be found under the Statistics button is the Power consumption. It basically tells you the energy in kWh the purifier has consumed by the hour or by day for the past week. There are also air quality statistics for PM2.5, VOCs, temperature and humidity in the same tab.

My Experience

Spring is here and pollen PM10 particles flow around the atmosphere, I am very allergic to pollen (but I love Spring and flowers) and an outdoor PM sensor, that I have, logs values between 30-60μg/m3 during the day. The purifier maintains the PM2.5 consentrations indoors very low between 1-5μg/m3. I haven’t sneezed since the device is set on the A.I. BRISE mode.

The purifier is capable to zero out PM2.5 consentrations inside the room when is set on Turbo mode, I have tested it and three more PM2.5 sensors agree with the results. More precisely, it took 13min to zero out the PM2.5 particles from 26μg/m3 to 0μg/m3 in a 7,5m2/80ft2 room. The problem on having the purifier running on Turbo mode all the time is the noise that produces and the energy consumption.

When I intentionally brought VOCs inside the room, the device was able to detect the gases in a matter of seconds and react automatically by turning the Turbo mode temporarily on, so the A.I engine does work.

I love the form factor of the device, it only occupies an A4 sheet paper space on the floor, so it isn’t bulky at all which makes it convenient for apartments.

The noise level is aceptable, you can watch a video that I made below with the purifier set on different modes after the minute 1:23. Remember, the user can adjust the up-limit of the noisy as wish.



All in all, BRISE and the A.I engine offer a complete solution against poor air quality and it can alleviate people who suffer from air pollution or respiratory allergies. A hassle-free experience which has proven that will eliminate PM2.5 and PM10 completely from a room when it is asked to. Small size, it is safe for kids and you won’t need to break a bank to maintain it. If I could recommend something for a future version of the purifier, it would be the ability to guide the output air in different directions not just straight up.



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