Review: AirGo Respirator Mask/Neck Warmer

Here is an interesting new face mask made and assembled 100% in Europe by a Spanish company. The AirGO offers 2 unique features that makes it very alluring to purchase and use it everyday, while you work out or commute to work.


First, the mask is also a piece of clothing and protects your neck from the cold weather like a scarf does. There are three versions of the mask, one for athletes which is called the “Ciclón”, this version is made of a textile layer of polyamide to assure the maximum comfort and humidity absorption. A great way for runners and cyclists to protect their lungs. The second version is called “Huracán”, this version is made of a combined textile layer of polyester and viscose to create a windbreaking woven. It offers a medium protection against wind and cold, and it is a great way for bikers, cyclists or even pedestrians in winter to protect their lungs. The third version is called “Frío Polar” it is made with the same materials as the Huracán but offers even higher protection against wind and cold.

Second, the mask offers a more attractive design in comparison with other air pollution masks because it doesn’t draw the attention. The mask hugs your face nicely and doesn’t create a huge lump in front of you.

The mask/neck warmer is 100% washable and the filter is replaceable after 1 hour of daily use over a 2 month period when it is exposed to high concentrations of air pollution.


The Filter

They call it GOFilter and offers a great protection against PM0.3, PM2.5 and PM10. It is designed to meet filtration standards as a FFP3/P100 respirator masks, which offer maximum protection from breathing air pollution. Although this kind of masks are designed to meet a filtration of at least 99% of all particles measuring up to 0.6 μm, the GOFilter has an efficiency of 99.99% and it comes with a stamp on it.

GOFilter was tested for:

  • Building Dust
  • Pollen Dust
  • Plant Spores
  • Mites
  • Clay Dust
  • Grain Dust
  • Fumes
  • Diesel Particulates

My Personal Experience

I have the Huracán mask and I must say that I found it very comfortable and very useful especially in winter because it eliminates the need to carry with me a scarf and most importantly it gives me a protection against air pollutants. It doesn’t draw the attention of the people around me when I wear it, which can be a good thing especially if you are a shy person like I am. Also I like the fact that you can put two filters into the filter pocket if you want to achieve even higher protection. Finally, I like the package the mask comes with, smart and highly recyclable.

The AirGO mask can easily be found in stores all around Barcelona like motorbike-shops and the sports retailers Decathlon but of course it can be purchased online from all around the world at

Last but not least you can use this 30% off Black Friday coupon: blackdays30



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