See The Air AQM v0.2 – Update

A new update for the DIY Air Quality Monitor is available with some cool new features. The new version v0.2 has the following features.

  1. Split up files
  2. New file structure
  3. Median Average

1. Now each time the unit is powered on or the reset button is pressed a new log file is created. LOG001, LOG002, etc…

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 19.48.26.png

2. CSV file structure now includes:
Count, NO2, NO2 Median, RAW NO2, RAW NO2 median, Temp, RH, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 13.21.35.png
3. The new sketch that performs a running median of 59 measurements, that is about
one minute will provide even more accurate and smooth charts.
NO2 Median and RAW NO2 Median fields will start to be populated after about one minute, as it needs the ring buffer to fill first. The sensor is set into continuous mode in order to take enough measurements, as a result it will drain more energy from the battery. Roughly, a 10.000mA/h battery will work for about 19h.

We are going to release a version without a Median Average but with the new file structure for those that don’t want to have the device in continuous mode.

You can find the new update at or by clicking here.

Notice: There is new update v0.2b with a small bug correction. You can find the new code here.


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