Review: Airthings Solutions

Airthings is a pioneer company as they have developed an in-house sensor for Radon detection but their expertise doesn’t stop there. They have expanded their product-line with domestic and business solutions with one thing in mind, how to enhance indoor life.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have received countless messages from people all over the world who have found themselves stuck inside for a long time and asking me to help them improve their indoor environment. Domestic users but also businesses that want to go a step further and offer a more productive environment for their employees after the lockdown.

I have already reviewed the Airthings Wave Plus and today I would like to review how each product offers a solution inside the house.

Airthings teen room

The Wave Plus is equipped with a Temperature/Humidity, VOC, Radon, and more importantly a CO2 sensor which is the first sensors to have in mind when you think teenagers. Teens tend to spend a lot of time inside their room, listening to music, studying, doing homework, watching countless videos on TikTok and Youtube, and messaging with other teens at the same time via Instagram. Teens don’t worry about air quality but I bet you all have experienced the musty smell every time you open their room door. Part of the smell is a crazy high CO2 concentration combined with VOCs.

We all want the best for our teens and kids especially when it comes to making sure their study performance won’t be affected because they are inside their room all day. Monitoring the air quality and their environment without being intrusive is the only way to achieve that.

We all have heard the expression of brain fog which isn’t anything else than high CO2 concentrations inside a close environment prohibiting clean oxygen to reach the brain with an obvious result not being able to think and solve problems.

Airthings babe room

A nursery room is another place inside the house that needs special attention as newborns and their underdeveloped lungs are more sensitive to chemicals that may be present in that room out of our ignorance.

Many cleaning products but also new carpets and new furniture can gas-off chemicals called VOCs. Typically, VOCs can be found in glues and varnishes so a new crib can gas-off a great number of toxic chemicals if the build quality isn’t good. The Airthings Wave Mini can detect these chemicals and with just three AA batteries, which are included, can operate for 2 years continuously offering you the insight you need to remove harmful chemicals and allow the kid to grow healthy.

Airthings Office

The office or the room we have conditioned to work during the pandemic needs our attention too. Similarly to a teen’s room, a high concentration of CO2 in the office can impair us from working productively. Temperature and humidity play an important role too as they determine how comfortably a working person will be able to yield the workload. Airthings Hub is the device that will bring all your monitors online 24/7 and combined with the Wave Plus will boost your cognitive ability. The Hub is a great solution for those who need to connect many devices like small businesses and big families to the cloud.

Airthings basement

I see many homeowners investing in basement entertaining systems which allow family members to come together and enjoy films and games. Here comes the Airthings Wave with a dedicated Radon (Rn) sensor as a home’s basement is the main entry point for Radon gas. Micro-cracks in foundation and slab joints allow the toxic gas to enter and stay trapped in the basement. Have you ever checked your basement for radon? The device also features temperature and humidity sensors which are also important if you want to avoid mold formation on the walls.


Nowadays, technologically we are able to sense many toxic and dangerous gases that may be present inside our houses. There are many available solutions for all needs and my advice is to invest to at least one carbon dioxide monitor for your house as we don’t know what the future holds for us and how long we will need to stay indoors.

Remember! Radon is the most common cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

Which of the previous settings represent your household?


5 thoughts on “Review: Airthings Solutions

  1. Hi Sotirios,

    great blog and articles about air quality!

    CO2 is definitely an issue.

    We recently measured the CO2 in a school and got some extremely high values that have a huge impact on the learning of the students.

    Might be worth reading:

    A key against high CO2 levels (and radeon, VOCs etc.) is a good ventilation system that brings in fresh outside air (and if you live in highly polluted areas, through HEPA filters).

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      • Hi Sotirios, I just checked my mail but I cannot find the email you sent me. It seems it got lost.
        I would be more than happy to show you how AirGradient works. Could you please resend that email to the email I attach to this comment. Thanks & Looking forward to you!


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