Review: Airthinx IAQ for Businesses

In a previous post, I presented Airthinx IAQ for Homeowners and how an advanced AQ monitor can be used for indoor environmental monitoring. In this post, we will explore how we can use the same monitor but in business environments (offices, industrial buildings, food supply chains, etc).

We will focus on the tools present in the dashboard as it is one of the best dashboards you will find in the market, and we will learn how to get the most out of it.

Let’s begin with the Dashboard – Home. Here we can create various types of widgets and arrange them according to our preference. First, you can see that I have created a column with all the current measurements with small graphs of the environmental parameters. Right next to it, I always watch for the general AQ, PM2.5, and Humidity. Below I have more widgets with other graphs and values that I want to have a glance.

Dashboard – Home

Next, we can see the Map tab. Here we can locate all the available monitors in a high precision as the monitors come with a GPS module, however, we will see later that we can manually set the location of the device.

Dashboard – Map

Then we can see the Device tab where all the devices we own are listed (active or not), and here is where the magic begins as we can Share or Lease the monitors to third parties. The purpose of these functions is to create a business model and rent the device to our clients. In order to do that, you simply need to create organizations (other businesses that you are going to share the devices with) and invite users.

Finally, from the Device tab and once you are inside the monitor of your choice, you can export reports and share them with anyone you prefer. Here is an example of a report

Dashboard – Devices

Apart from a general view of the devices, there is an option to customize the hardware and set up the device with a WiFi network to avoid extra LTE charges. You can set the measurement interval, the name of each monitor, manage the LED light between always ON or OFF, or to Visual Alerts where the LED turns on for a minute in order to warn you about a possible AQ change in the room. Moreover, users are able to calibrate all the sensors with custom parameter by adding the appropriate values in order to get the desirable results. Finally, you can set the location of the device manually or automatically.

Dashboard – Devices – Settings

Via the Alerts tab, you can create complex email alerts. In my case, it is very important to know if the devices are online for this reason I have created an alert to notify me in case the device goes offline due to power loss or some other reason. This is particularly useful when you rent the device to a client. Another important alert is the high CO2 concentration alerts, especially for office environments where you want to avoid brain fog. The manager of the building could receive this email and adjust the ventilation rates.

Dashboard – Alerts

The company doesn’t stop here though, as the Airthinx OS enables any device (that supports the thiamis X module) to become part of the air quality management system (AQMS). With the AQMS, you can automate and control HVAC systems, Purifiers, Humidifiers, and others.

The AQMS system allow shops, gyms, offices, and many more places to display the air quality and environmental conditions in the rooms the monitors are present. That way, the clients or employees know how safe is to be in that room. To enable this function you just need to go to the configuration page and select the Open Private Dashboard.

Gym that openly displays the AQMS information to the athletes


Airthinx IAQ is designed for professionals. The dashboard offers so many features that can really help you build a solid business model around it. The company provides a solid ecosystem of hardware and software, hard to resist. Soon I will review the Airthinx Pro, so stay tuned.


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