Review: BRISE C360 Air Purifier

There are a few things you can do to reduce air pollution indoors like keeping things tight and clean, not smoking, using exhaust fans when you cook, and ventilating the rooms, but at the end of the day if the air pollution comes from outside sources then you need to take drastic measures and there is only one solution, investing in an air purifier.

There are many air purifiers on the market for all types of budgets but you shouldn’t expect a cheap air purifier to offer the same features and purification results as a high-end purifier. By the way, air cleaners and air purifiers are the same things.

BRISE C360 is a high-end purifier capable of purifying up to 95 m2 or 1022 ft2 room and rated CADR at 390 m3/hr or 230CFM. It is recommended for medium size rooms and it packs a ton of features.


  • CADR: 390 m3/hr or 230CFM.
  • Applied Space: Max 95 m2 or 1022 ft2
  • Sensors:
    • PM2.5 (Laser Light Scattering)
    • tVOC
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Light Sensor
  • Display: LCD (Adjustable Brightness)
  • Motor: DC motor
  • Power Consumption: 5~65 watt (max)
  • Noise: 25 ~ 60dB
  • WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Size: 35 x 24 x 53 cm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Pre-filter (Breathe Carbon) + Main-filter (Breathe Odors)

In an air purifier, I value three things; power consumption, noise, and most importantly the filtration performance. However, high-end purifiers offer much more than that. For example, BRISE C360 offers BRISE AI, a proactive mechanism which connects the purifier with the local air quality meter stations to monitor outdoor air quality in real-time, and autonomously reacts before outdoor air pollution reaches the house.

BRISE also take PM2.5 pollution seriously and sets higher standards regarding what is considered safe, when PM2.5 levels reach 12μg/m3, it will increase filtration speed to maintain the best air quality for you. Other cheap manufactures consider safe concentrations up to 50μg/m3 or even 75μg/m3 and they don’t offer any kind of warning to the users. The app allows you to swap and choose the best AQ standards for you.

The US and the UK Standards have stricter PM2.5 breakpoints for what is considered good air quality.

Power Consumption

I am trying to cut down my energy bill for two reasons. The first reason is that Spain is one of the top 5 countries among Ireland, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark with the highest electricity price. The second reason is that in Spain we still burn coal to generate electricity!

For me, appliances with a low energy footprint are important and the BRISE C360 has a DC motor, which is the best in its class. The power consumption ranges from 3.3W / 5.4W / 10.6W / 20.7W / 37.9W / 65.2W for the 6 manual speed levels. My estimated annual electricity cost is about 5.26€, which is a comparably power-saving purifier. When the air purifier is set at Automatic/Intelligent mode and the AQ is good the energy consumption is about 3.2 Watts, which equals to a cost of 1.68€/Year, less than a typical 5 Watt phone charger.


I have already reviewed the BRISE C200, which is an entry-level purifier for small rooms. To my surprise, the BRISE C360 is much better because the fan is able to filter more air with less effort and noise.

Remember the purifier has 6 manual speed levels and the noise I was able to measure with a Sound Level Meter (SLM) were the following.

  • Speed 6: 69dB
  • Speed 5: 65dB
  • Speed 4: 57dB
  • Speed 3: 51dB
  • Speed 2: 45dB
  • Speed 1: 42dB Almost unnoticeable

When the air purifier is set at Speed 1 or Automatic/Intelligent mode and the air quality is good you can’t hear it. I sometimes pass my hand over the fan to check if it works just because I don’t hear the typical humming sound.

Keep in mind, different rooms may give different results when we measure sound levels. My SLM was set in one-meter distance from the purifier.

Filtration Performance

The purifier comes with the best filters, a Pre-filter (Breathe Carbon), and a Main-filter (Breathe Odors), optionally the Pre-filter AMS Cleaning (Breathe Bio). The filters are certified by CGMT H1N1 & EV71 and SGS for high efficiency (PM2.5 > 99.9%) filtration, but I decided to run an experiment and check the filtration performance myself. 

I burnt a toothpick and let the smoke flood the room for 5 minutes. Then I turned the purifier on remotely, and I was monitoring the PM2.5 concentrations with two extra AQ monitors just for confirmation.

I didn’t create a lot of PM pollution (I guess one toothpick was not enough) but the concentration jumped to 10μg/m3 and after ~3 minutes on Turbo mode the air inside the 10.2m2 room was clean again with all the monitors registering 1 or 0μg/m3.

My Experience

I love how quiet it operates when the air quality is good, and it is constantly guarding the air quality in the room thanks to the embedded AQ monitor in order to react when it detects an increase in air pollutants. I believe it is better to invest in a medium-size air cleaner like the C360 because it is quieter than running a smaller purifier for a longer time. It is bigger than the previous model, but it doesn’t take a lot of space. It complies with my energy requirements and bonus when I want no RF signals in my room, I can turn the WiFi off completely.

I have to make two objections though, I wish I could control the direction of the airflow, basically, I wish it had had movable fins. Finally, it lacks HomeKit not that it needs it but I wish I had one app for all the electronics inside my house.



We can clearly see how the BRISE C series has evolved over the years and the company still improves its products by offering quality. The BRISE C360 can capture air pollutants fast by minimizing the energy consumption and noise in a room, as a result, we can enjoy breathing clean air indoors especially, now with the pandemic forcing us to stay indoors all day long. Paired with the adequate filter (Breathe Bio) it can also mitigate virus infections safely as it is certified by National Health Research Institutes.


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