Smoggie-PM + Thank you

Choosing the 5 volunteers was a very difficult task because I had to take into consideration many factors. I wish I had as many monitors as the people (+150) that emailed me. The finalists are from Belgium, Uganda, Azerbaijan, the USA, and Spain.

The second Call for Volunteers was even more successful than the first one and I had the chance to learn from you a little more about the problems of air pollution around the globe and the situation each one of you faces. From Nepal, Poland, Netherlands, Australia, Azerbaijan, India, Romania, Italy, France, Kenya, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, UK, the USA, Finland, Serbia, Mexico, Spain, Israel, Ireland, and many many other places.

I want to THANK YOU all, it really means a lot your offer to raise awareness on such an important problem. I will follow closely the measurements from all 5 locations in order to understand better the impact air pollution has in the communities.

Remember, you can always purchase the inexpensive Smoggie-PM here.

Guide: How to Install your Smoggie-PM

You have two options, use two small screws to mount the Smoggie on a wall or use one or two Zip Ties to tie it around a tube. Either way is easy.

Once you have placed everything correctly and the device is plugged into the power adapter, follow the next steps.

Wait for a few seconds and open the WiFi settings on your computer or tablet or phone and search for the SSID uRADMonitor-XX, where XX are the last two digits of the device ID number. The password of the SSID is the same as the ID number (aka Serial Number). Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Now, open you favourite web browser and type into the URL

The above page must appear once you type the URL and hit enter. Click on the CONFIG. 

Inside the Connect to WIFI add the information of your router WiFi, the SSID and the password and click Save. Disconnect your computer or tablet or phone from the uRADMonitor-XX SSID and you are ready. 

Congratulations your air quality monitor is up and running.


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