Outdoor Air Quality Monitors 2021Q4

What’s new? Well, lots of new Outdoor Air Quality Monitors have been released into the market for various purposes and different budgets. Air quality monitors for professional use in cities and industrial sites and homeowners who want to supervise the ambient air quality outside their houses/apartments.

This time, I have included the General Star Score from the AIRLAB Challenge 2021 for the monitors that took part. The Ethera NEMo Outdoor monitor scored the highest with 4.5 Stars out of 5.

uRADMonitor with the Smoggie and City models scored 4/5 and 3.5/5, respectably. Also the Kunak Air Pro which I will review soon scored 4/5. It is great to see that all these solutions deliver accurate results.

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9 thoughts on “Outdoor Air Quality Monitors 2021Q4

  1. Hi having multiple monitoring paramters on indoor air qulaity device is all very well. However tests we have carried out show that some sensors simply dont responds well or have temperature and RF interference effects. This becomes even more complex when monitoring outdoors where temperature and humdity issues become a problem.
    I do llike your diy kit – you can see what your doing and results
    keep up the good work

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    • I will in a future compilation but Kunak for example can be operated with a battery and it has a battery already inside. In general I think all of them can work with a battery. Airly for example connects over a USB cable and uRad Monitors support battery operation as well.


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