Review: AIRINUM Lite Air Mask

It has been a long time since I reviewed a face mask. This mask review is all about how to protect yourself from ambient air pollution while commuting rather than from Covid-19. The mask can protect you from COVID because it is KN95 certified, which is similar to FFP2 and N95, but as most people use simple disposable surgical masks for their low price, I won’t focus on it. For this review, I decided to focus on air pollution which is a more severe threat in my opinion. Keep in mind, cheap surgical masks are useless and they pollute a lot more than they protect as they are thrown all around us by most people. We all have seen them flying around or on the ground or inside the sea. I am against disposable masks.

The AIRINUM Lite Air Mask offers great protection from particulate matter but also a modern and young style. I have been wearing the Aurora Blue for three weeks already and I am impressed by its performance.


It employs a multi-layer filter technology which is tested at the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) with results showing 98% filtering efficiency against particles down to 0.3μm in size. You will find the full lab results here. The five-layer filter can last up to a month of usage, but as always keep it away from very humid environments and procure to disinfect the inner filter layer with sprayed alcohol to prevent bacteria growth. The mask is washable.

Face Adaptation

Although I have tested similar elastomeric half masks which adapt perfectly around my face, I have never seen one that uses an exchangeable KN95 filter that can be inserted inside and under the elastic membrane that creates a shield. It offers a wonderful protection and comfortability.

Left: No filter | Right: KN95 Filter

My Experience

I have been wearing the mask outside for three weeks while I commute around the city as I move a lot from one place to another. Accumulatively, I am breathing traffic fumes for about 40 minutes every day. I feel that the air that I inhale is much cleaner from particulate matter than when I don’t wear a mask. Very noticeable to me as I don’t hold my breath as often and I don’t feel irritation on my throat.

I am very happy with how well it performs and I think the secret is the way it adapts around my face. Although now is winter and I don’t sweat, the surface that touches my face doesn’t create a sensation of stickiness.

Although the ear loops are very comfortable, the mask comes with a neck supporter which alleviate with ear fatigue for those with sensitive the ears. I recommend using the neck supporter as it prevents the mask from moving into the eyes while cycling or breathing heavily.

Sometimes the filter moves (depending on how you store it, in my case, in my pocket), and you have to readjust when you want to wear the mask again, but it is not a big deal.


I love innovation and AIRINUM has done a great job with the Lite Air Mask. It is a bit expensive in comparison with the masks available everywhere nowadays but the quality is top-notch. Keep in mind, the Omicron variation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus means it’s time to switch to N95 masks according to experts. For a 15% off just use the promo code SEETHEAIR15. I wouldn’t have bothered reviewing it if I didn’t believe it is worth my time. Stay tuned for the AIRINUM URABN AIR MASK 2.0 review.


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