Last year, I reviewed the AIRINUM Lite Air Mask and I was really pleased with the comfortability and efficiency during my daily commutes. The same company has developed a higher-end model called URABN AIR MASK 2.0. In my opinion, this mask has been given much more attention to the details. From the packaging to the mask itself.

The AIRINUM URABN AIR MASK 2.0 offers great protection from particulate matter. I have been wearing the Onyx Black for four weeks already.


It employs the same technology as the Lite Air Mask with a multi-layer filter which is tested at the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) with results showing 98% filtering efficiency against particles down to 0.3μm in size. The size of the filter is bigger though. You will find the full lab results here. The five-layer filter can last up to a month of usage, but as always keep it away from very humid environments and procure to disinfect the inner filter layer with sprayed alcohol to prevent bacteria growth. The mask is washable and treated with Polygiene®.

The mask has two Exhalation Valves but the company also provides two Exhalation Valve Stoppers in case it is forbidden to wear a mask with valves, like in hospitals.

Additionally, the mask comes with a head strap and travel pouch to store the spare replaceable filter and mask.

Face Adaptation

The mask doesn’t allow air to escape from the upper part of the nose which is fantastic and in general adapts well around the face. The valves do help with the built moist and the adjustable and elastic earloops can be tailored to the length appropriate to your face. I told you there are so many details the mask addresses.

AIRINUM URABN AIR MASK 2.0 Inner filter and valves.

My Experience

I like how elegant it looks and feels but to be honest I prefer the Lite Air Mask because it feels a bit lighter to my face. Although it’s difficult for companies to design a product that fits everybody’s face as we have unique characteristics, the mask meets my expectations.

I can’t commute without a mask, it’s the only way to protect myself from particles down to 0.3 μm and I am happy about the performance of the mask. I see all of these car exhaust fumes coming out of the vehicles in front of me which would be irresponsible not to take the same measurements to protect my body.


AIRINUM has done a great job with the URABN AIR MASK 2.0, very elegant and maybe suitable for those moments where you need to wear a fancy dress or a smart suit. It is not as affordable as the previous model or in comparison with the masks available everywhere nowadays but the quality is top-notch. It will last for a long time. For 15% off just use the promo code SEETHEAIR15.


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