Bedroom Shocking Discovery Part 1


Last week I decided to move my foobot in my bedroom mostly to check the air quality and humidity during night. I decided to place it in front of my bed between the window and the room door and on top of a chest of drawers that I have.

I was shocked to notice that the readings were too high. At the beginning I thought it was because of the fire of the previous night (Yes, someone decided to start a fire of wood and plastic, almost next to my house I had to call the firefighters the following day because the previous day they didn’t turn it off properly and it was burning slowly all night, I was desperate for clean air). Anyway, so I thought that the air was still polluted from that but the PMs were low 5-10μg/m³ after the fire  something that I couldn’t understand at the moment. The time and the days were passing and the VOCs were still high even with the window open the quality of the air couldn’t get better below safe limits. I had to do an experiment which I did it. As a result I was monitoring the device closely and my conclusion is that the source of VOCs was the chest of drawers under the foobot. The average reading was about ∼730ppb. Yes quite shocking for a furniture.


After that I moved it next to my night stand. The experiment continues, so stay tuned.


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