Improve the way you Breathe

breath lungs

Our lives dependent upon our breath but many people including myself don’t know how to breathe properly.

  • Clean fresh air is an important key for a better breath. There are hundreds of studies about the importance of fresh clean air. In cities with high air pollution, people struggle with asthma, infections and breathing difficulties and they are quite common issues. We need clean air for our health.
  • Be aware of each breath, which mean to breathe into your abdomen using deep, rhythmic belly breaths. Many people including myself are surface breathers, meaning that our inhalation of air is shallow and it isn’t even noticeable, as a result not efficient. Deep belly breathing calms the central nervous system right away. The breaths help in establishing the connection of our mind to our body.
  • Focus on your breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Notice your belly filling with fresh air, and exhale. Stay present. Knowingly sending the breath deep into your belly then fill up the lungs. Feel the air inside you. Experience the exchange of gases (O2-CO2) inside you, and witness the calming down of the body. That’s it, you did it. Now remember this steps each time you catch yourself breathing shallow and of course practice.

There are some apps for smartphones and smartwatches that can help and remind you to breathe properly. For example, Apple watchOS 3.0 includes an app with breathing techniques. Available Fall 2016 for free

waatchos breath

Search for a “breathe or meditation” app on iOS or Android store. You can find free and paid ones like:

Stop, Breathe & Think  |  Breath  |  Headspace  |  Calm



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