Awair vs Awair


I have had the opportunity to have two Awair devices for a short period of time because the old device had a defective PM sensor (that can happen with all electronic devices), so the company was kind enough to sent me a replacement unit, as a result I took this opportunity to compare the sensors between them except the PM sensor as the old one was defective before sent the old unit back to the company.

I took screenshots of the timelines of each sensor and placed them one on top of the other. This way it is very clear and easy to understand the correlation between the old unit and the new one.


  • Temperature sensors: High correlation.
  • Humidity sensors: High correlation.
  • CO2 sensors: High correlation but offset by ∼70ppm.
  • VOC sensors: Good correlation (VOCs are measured in ppb (parts per billion) and then converted into index value which means that even a small change in the ppd value can affect the index result).

All in all both devices give the same readings, remember that I didn’t make the test inside a lab but in my house and this was a practical test.



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