Pollution Masks


Cyclists, motorcyclist and pedestrians but even people inside their houses (depending where they live) get exposed to direct air pollutants like Hydrocarbons (HC), Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Particulate matter (PM1.0-PM2.5-PM10), Carbon monoxide (CO) and Sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the vehicles’exhaust fumes everyday.

The solutions can be limited. A half face filter mask for example is the only solution for those that move around the city. Two are the factors that will determinate if the mask is worth using it. Firstly if it is efficient enough to block all the harmful pollutants out of our lungs and secondly if it is elegant enough to use it in public.

Right now there are many masks in the market that offer these kinds of protection, for now I will list some on them below but later this year I will review some of them here on #seetheair blog and I will let you know if they are efficient and elegant for your everyday usage.


In case there is someone who would like a review on a specific pollution mask please let me know below on the comments. Thank you


5 thoughts on “Pollution Masks

  1. I am curious to see your review of the O2Canada mask, and possibly comparisons to other similar masks? I’ve discovered quite unfortunately due to wildfires that I’m prone to headaches and light-headedness during wildfire season.

    Hot mouth being a main concern, it will be a struggle to wear if I’m uncomfortable and facial discomfort is the biggest hurdle I’ve ever tried to overcome (never succeeded). Nosk is not an option as my sinus are often closed.

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    • Hi Sarah, I have been meaning to review 3 air pollution masks. One is the KOOLMask which offers a ventilation system with a fan, then the O2Canada and finally the XIaomi AirPOP. Please stay tuned.

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