4 Plants to reduce indoor Humidity


When indoor relative humidity is higher than RH:65% this will allow bacteria and mold to grow. You can always purchase a dehumidifier and it works like charm but it will cost you a lot on electricity, so plants come to the rescue. Some plants are capable of absorbing indoor humidity and use this kind of moist for their own good.

Tropical plants called epiphytes like Tillandsia, Boston Fern, English Ivy and Peace Lily are plants that get some or all their water from the air instead their roots.

Tillandsia: A plant that can survive without roots, so it can absorb water from the air.

English Ivy: It can remove the airborne mold typically found in humid areas.

Boston Fern: Thrives in more moist climates, so it will naturally absorb some of the humidity in your home.

Peace Lily: The least potent plant for humidity because it is a watered plant, but it will also absorb moisture from the air through its leaves.

A few plants won’t solve the problem of too much humidity in your house, but they can help and alleviate some. Please don’t over do it on the other hand, and try to find a balance between them.


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