Quick update: Cooking without extractor hood

This is what happens when you cook without extractor hood. In the graph below you can see a huge spike on the PM sensor, this is because my extractor hood in the kitchen has broken and I had to cook without it. Immediately the air quality went down.

The air quality monitor was 2 rooms away from the kitchen, so always ventilate the kitchen by using an extractor hood. Tip by closing the lid of the pot/pan you decrease dramatically the release of PMs into the atmosphere.



2 thoughts on “Quick update: Cooking without extractor hood

  1. With a similar gap between the kitchen hob and my indoor PM2.5 sensor I also see a spike when cooking. “Extractors” which don’t ventilate to the outside and just recirculate through a carbon filter are probably not very good at blocking PM2.5, but might well help with other (smelly) pollutants.


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