OK Lab Stuttgart – PM DIY Monitor

An Outdoor PM DIY Monitor

Do you think the current PM (Particulate Matter) monitors are too expansive or too risky to leave them outside? Do you need proofs for convincing your local authorities to take actions against air pollution?

Then it’s time to build your own personal outdoor PM DIY Monitor. It won’t cost you more than €32 and it can feed your community with valuable data about the air quality. Use that data to prove how bad is the air quality in your neighborhood or community.

Here is what you need to buy

  • NodeMCU ESP8266, CPU / WLAN ∼€3
  • SDS011 Fine dust sensor (formerly PPD42NS) ∼€19
  • DHT22, Temperature & Humidity ∼€3
  • Jumper wires ∼€1
  • Micro-USB cable ∼€2
  • Switching Power Supply USB
  • Cable ties
  • Flexible transparent PVC tube with a diameter of 6mm
  • Weather protection, Marley Silent HT tube

How to Build

Visit the following websites, they offer detailed explanation on how to build it.


I have already presented a similar project here, I think both are great projects and this one offers a clever weather protection. I want to build one so much but time is tricky for me and many others, so someone has to build these DIY monitors and sell them with an extra % for the labor. What do you think?


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