Bedside Water Taste & Chemistry

Have you ever noticed that the water tastes different when you leave it in a glass on your nightstand overnight?

In general during the 8h sleep, CO2 is built inside the room. Especially in winter when we don’t ventilate as frequent and CO2 can reach levels higher than 2,000ppm inside the house. CO2 is a soluble gas and water is the perfect solvent. As a result a process called Acidification is occurred naturally and the PH lowers during that process. That gives your bedside glass of water a horrible taste.

Fact 1: The same process happens into the ocean, the ocean absorbs CO2 and the PH becomes more acidic because Carbonic Acid H2CO3 is formed inside the water. As a result the Carbonic Acid has negative effects on coral reefs and the ecosystem in the ocean.

Fact 2: Water dissolves gases until it reaches equilibrium with the atmosphere. Which means more CO2 in the air then more Carbonic Acid in the water.

Fact 3: The CO2 isn’t the only gas that can be absorbed by the water. Other gases are CH4 – Methane, C2H4 – Ethylene, C2H6– Ethane, CO – Carbon Monoxide, CO2 – Carbon Dioxide, Cl2 – Chlorine GasH2S – Hydrogen Sulfide, NH3 – AmmoniaSO2 – Sulfur Dioxide. Each gas has a different solubility in water. Sulfur DioxideAmmoniaChlorine and Hydrogen Sulfide have one of the highest solubilities in water.


As you can understand air pollution has many ways to ruin health and lives. Act now!


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